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Trends in luxury apartments for 2022

Throughout 2021, several trends carried out in luxury apartments have been highlighted, it is important to take them into account, we will also provide you with some more to implement and thus ensure that your next reform is for an apartment with great detail , never better said.

To begin, we will review all the trends in luxury apartments that have taken place in 2021:

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The efficiency of the future is based on sustainability

The future is already here, and in fact it is present today in most houses that have access to the network. Home automation has favored both your pocket and the world, since it is capable of contributing a lot for very little, apart from having everything under control thanks to a simple click.

One of the most visible examples is LED lighting, which has replaced the traditional lamp thanks to its efficiency, durability, etc.

In addition, they are betting on taking advantage of the natural light that the sun gives us throughout the year, which is why most luxury apartments have a window that usually occupies an entire wall, with folding locks.

If you want to know more about apartments and sustainable architecture we have a post for you.

Nature is a luxury for everyone

Humans are in constant contact with nature, although we feel it further and further away, that is why it is considered a precious asset in our luxury apartment.

Non-replicable materials such as marble and wood make each apartment unique and different from the rest, which stands out from the rest. Whether in the kitchen with marble or in the dining room with wood, you can always highlight a piece that connects us again with nature.

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Art leads to the limit of splendor

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Without a doubt, contemporary or avant-garde art is the center of attention for all those who want to decorate their luxury flat or apartment.

Today, anyone who spends time buying art goods (be it paintings, extravagant and unique figures, etc.) is sure not only looking to profit from them in the future, they also bet on decoration, and will undoubtedly provide a touch original and avant-garde to your luxury apartment to raise it to the next level.

Normally, during the renovations that are carried out in these types of floors, the art elements that we want to place are not usually thought about, therefore it is a good idea to keep them in mind when redistributing everything.

Try that the works do not prevent the entry of light into the rooms, although with the windows described above it should not be a problem.

History still has its place

As in fashion, the second half of the nineteenth century is still present today in society. In a luxury apartment, when it comes to furniture, not everything has to be the last thing that came out, or corresponding to a renowned artist.

If you can get furniture belonging to the era of the 50s and 60s, it is without a doubt, a safe bet to give another distinctive touch to the home.

In fact, you can get this type of furniture in antique dealers, auctions, even a rake in a renowned city, where each piece you buy has a story to tell as soon as you see it.

Kitchen without more but with a lot of value

When you think of a luxury apartment, everyone goes through the following imaginary: living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. That is, this part of the house is as important as the previous ones, however, the floor must be contrasted so that it is in balance.

If the whole house is filled with what is described in this blog, the ideal would be for the kitchen to be a minimalist style. Although at first it may seem easy because there are few elements to think about, it is more difficult because everything has to be expressed with few resources.

Thinking in pure colors such as white or gray will favor the integration of all the elements without any highlight.

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After running through all of 2021, let’s look at a couple more details for 2022:

Renovate the bathroom to become the star

For this new year, the bathroom takes over from all the rooms in the house to become the most important in an apartment, and more so if we are talking about a luxury apartment.

After a year post-virus, where stress has returned to most, the bathroom is for all a lifeline of our day. A place where comfort and silence come together to provide tranquility and counteract everything that happened during the day.

They can be divided into several rooms, to respect the different areas that come together in the same part of the house.

Teleworking is still an option

We do not yet know what the address will be in 2022, but, based on experience, the ideal for a luxury apartment would be to provide it with a small office or an ideal place to work, if it were convenient.

This space is intended to be as minimalist as possible, since if many elements are integrated it may not favor a good work flow.


  1. Sustainability is still key in luxury.
  2. Nature and art are relevant to leveling up.
  3. History retains its importance.
  4. The kitchen with a minimalist design, always.
  5. The bathroom in 2022 is the star.
  6. Do not forget about teleworking.