Services - Concept AW

Concept AW

Is a multidisciplinary team that covers works within the disciplines of Architecture and Planning:


Concept AW offers a full list of tailor made, intelligent, sustainable Architectural Designs, aligning to our Client’s budgets. Our drawings are greatly detailed and drafted using 3D Computer Aided Design to the highest standards. This method of 3D modeling allows us to coordinate the structure with the facade along with Mechanical and Electrical services. This early coordinated process during the design phase allows for greater insight during the construction, reducing site remedial works saving in time and additional expenditure.

In accordance with our Green Credentials as a paperless office, all our works are emailed or dropbox issued to our Clients in the form of a Design Report, containing all relevant information, drafts, sketches and design developments, along with the final drawing production.

In addition to our Architectural Services, we also provide Planning Consultancy and the submission of planning applications. The following is a non exhaustive list of some of our work in Architectural Services.

  • New Built Homes or Holiday Homes
  • Small to Comprehensive Extensions
  • Refurbishments
  • Commercial Developments
  • Mixed Use Developments
  • Medical Facilities
  • Educational Buildings
  • Conservation Sensitive Projects
  • Urbanisation project
  • Segregation projects

Concept AW has a rich successful history of collaboration with award winning Architectural Practices in Ireland, Spain and London. Concept AW can join an existing team seamlessly and take the role in either.

  • Design Consultant or
  • Drawing production.

Additionally Concept AW offers the services in presentation imagery production, either it be.


  • Presentation hand sketches
  • Computer generated images, CGIs
  • 3D detail illustrations
  • Computer Generated Animations

At Concept AW every project is individual and tailored to the needs and style of each of our Clients. Our passion is to introduce where possible noble materials, such as wood, stone and steel, along with natural high-quality textiles, and handcrafted finishes.

Furthermore the use of natural light and the environmental setting of artificial lighting systems, give each project a personal touch, are just some of the key elements that defines Concepts AW contemporary, interior warm and timeless style. Specialising in luxury residences, offices and modern domestic extensions, Concept AW offers their Clients comprehensive services ranging from the initial concept ideas to the overall implementation of the design of each project.

  • Space distribution

  • Material Investigation

  • Review Interaction of Sounds, Light,  Colour

  • Sustainable Material Choices

Concept AW can provide structural engineering for all types of domestic dwellings such as, Foundations, Raft design and steel schedules, Floors, Beams, Columns, Walls and Roof. We have also the ability to call upon 25 years experience on Spanish construction sites.

  • Structural Design

  • Structural Calculations / Specification

  • Structural Condition Report

  • Structural Fire Protection Advice

Concept AW offer expert advice in relation to local and regional planning issues. We have a successful track record in planning applications to local and regional authorities for a range of projects of varying scales and complexities.

Concept AW will guide you through the relevant stages of the planning process from the projects inception, dealing with Visado (building regulation / Health and safety) to finally the main Planning Submission. We will strive to make the process of obtaining planning permission as simple as possible, continuously informing our Clients of the progress of their application.

  • Project Feasibility Report

  • Advice On Current Local Planning Legislations

  • Advice On Planning Process

Concept AW offers a complete construction supervision from commencement right up to completion, periodically inspecting the construction works. As Registered Architects and Architect Technologist we also provide the services of Design & Health and Safety Role. At each stage Concept AW will visit the works to ensure that workmanship is completed to the highest standard, as well as being in compliance with the Architects drawings, Building Regulations, Health and Safety Regulations and the conditions of Planning Permission.

It is important to note, the Spanish Planning Authorities require that an Architect and Technical Architect be appointed by the Client to monitor and record the works onsite. Only then can the relevant planning authority issue their Occupation License for the completed works on receipt of the Architect and Architect Technologist report post construction.

Where our Client has taken out a mortgage to fund the building project, Concept AW as register Architects can certify the stage payments and prepare ‘draw-down’ certificates for the financial institution following each interim inspection. Upon completion of the project we will issue Opinions on Compliance in relation to Planning Permission.

  • Monitor Works Onsite

  • Instruct Contractor

  • Coordinate Clients Instructions

  • Certify Works Completed Onsite

  • Certify Stage Payments

Concept AW can provide Mechanical and Electrical design strategies for Planning and Construction phase of projects. The information we provide includes specification detail data that can then be submitted to the Clients relevant subcontractor for pricing or installation.

  • Electrical Design Strategy

  • Mechanical Design Strategy

  • Foul / Waster Design Strategy

  • Hot / Cold Water Supply Design Strategy

Structural Report

A Structural Report is an visual inspection of a building or site in a manner that enable our Arquitect to advise what impact the existing condition will have upon the Client. At Concept AW we develop a Structural Report for our Clients prior to the purchase of a property detailing the current structural condition and risks that may exist.

Our Structural Reports normally comprises of the following: An appraisal of the form and materials of construction. A analysis of significant defects revealed where possible and advises on appropriate further actions. Identification of less significant defects, general disrepair and shortcomings in the physical condition, maintenance and design of the building.

Snag List

A defects list and finishing schedule, often described as a ‘Snag List’ is the inspection and investigation of the construction and services of  newly built properties in sufficient detail to allow the Architect to compile a list of shortcomings, defects and irregularities with the built property by the Contractor. This gives the Architect and Client the opportunity to issue the Contractor with a detailed list of snagging items, which should be rectified before closing the Contract. The purpose of the Snag List is to ensure that the newly built property, extension or refurbishment works demonstrates compliance with the Architects drawings and specifications along with Building Regulations, Codes of Practice and Health & Safety Regulations.

Schedule of Condition

Concept AW would commonly prepare this visual inspection report at the beginning of a lease agreement or prior to commencement of adjacent construction work in particular party wall works, or in connection with litigation. This type of report is commonly issued in conjunction with Party Wall Awards if either adjoining neighbor are proceeding with construction works affecting in some way the shared party wall. This report will record prior to commencement of works the existing visual condition of the building supported by photographs, or video or drawings.

Planning Feasibility Investigation

Prior to our Clients purchase of a property, Concept AW offers a service whereby we carry out a detailed inspection of the relevant Local Planning Regulations to determine the full planning history of the property in question. During this process we inspect the relevant local zoning plan and any other relevant plans, such as conservation areas and flood risk zones, to name a few, all of which may have an adverse effect on the property or future development of the property. Additionally we meet with the local planning officer to query the current properties status and confirm whether future zoning changes will affect the property in question. Finally we carry out a visual inspection of the property, and compile a Feasibility Report with all critical information for our Client to make their decision with the best information in hand.

  • Measured Survey

  • Structural Report

  • Snag List

  • Thermal Imagery inspection

  • Building condition reports

  • Partywall Visual Inspection

  •  Feasibility investigation

  • Tree Removal

When a building is being purchased, financial institution normally seeks Certificates of Compliance before the mortgage can be drawn down. In some cases, the vendor/agents may not have these Certificates. Concept AW can provide the service of inspecting the building and issuing the property one of the following certificates.

  • Certificates of Compliance with Building Regulations

  • Certificate of Compliance with Planning Permission

  • Certificate of Exemption from Planning

  • Declaration of Identity

Concept AW provides the service of a Mediator between property owner and potential buyer while representing our Clients interest. As Concept AW is fluent in both English and Spanish, we are well positioned to have a clear dialogue with all relevant parties, translating to our Clients the progress of the sale or purchase.

Furthermore, due to our profession, Concept AW has great insight to advice our Clients on current property values, and additionally in the case of purchasing, can advice our Clients on possible future complaint redevelopment works to the potential purchase.

  • Negotiate On Behalf Of Our Client Between Representatives Parties

  • Represent Clients Interest On Possible Land Sale or Purchase

  • Advice Client On Current Local Rates

  • Advice Client On Building/Site Legal Status

  • Advice Client On Possible Future Site Developments

  • Correspond with Legal Representatives

  • Manage Clients Aspirations

Concept AW offers the services of land segregation and horizontal divisions where our Clients property is subdivided legally and recorded on their property deeds or Escritura. This process requires us to negotiate with the other parties to the land ownership to find a common ground acceptable to all. Additionally, coordination is required with the local planning authority and our Client Solicitors to finalise the correct legal subdivisions.

Concept AW additionally has experience working with Associations in assisting them in receiving Licence to Urbanise from their local council. This allows the Association to apply to their local council for foul and surface water drainage, roads and footpaths, along with public street lighting. This consented license has a massive positive impact to once illegal developed areas, permitting enhance services to these areas, while increasing the value to each individual property.

  • Site Subdivisions

  • Urbanism Projects

  • Legalisations

  • Certificate de antiquity
  • Septic tank inspection
  • Tourism certification