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diseños interiores para baño

Interior designs for bathrooms

As we showed in our post “trends in luxury flats“, bathrooms will be the protagonists for this 2022. So, today we bring you several interior design ideas for bathrooms, which will make this room a unique and pleasant place.

The return to routine has meant, for many of us, the reappearance of stress, which makes this space in the house a place where we seek tranquillity and a sense of relaxation.

Intentions for changing bathroom interior design

Sometimes a bathroom renovation is done to achieve a goal, such as making it look bigger, improving sustainability, or simply changing the design for aesthetic reasons.

Make your bathroom look bigger

The space in your home may be limited or not well used, so it is logical that you want to enlarge the space thanks to the interior design of the bathroom.

  • Change the bathtub for a shower: With this idea you increase the accessible space considerably, as well as improving accessibility. In addition, if you are looking to save water to make your home more sustainable, you get two advantages for the price of one.
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  • Choose furniture of essential size: If you want to save space, you have to redistribute the room completely, and have only the essential elements that you want to have in the bathroom.
  • Try to have all the elements suspended: The toilet, the washbasin and the furniture take up space on the floor. If these elements are integrated into the wall in a suspended way, you will make the bathroom look bigger, as it will be an unobstructed floor.

Achieve a sustainable bathroom

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The interior design of the bathroom can make this room in the home more efficient and sustainable. To do this, a series of aspects must be taken into account that will help to contribute to improving the planet.

  • Make good use of natural light: If you have a window to the outside or to an interior courtyard, this can be a simple task, but if the bathroom does not have its own light, it would be advisable to use the light from the adjoining rooms; with translucent glass in the upper areas of the bathroom or change the door for a translucent glass one as well.
  • Insulation to save heating: If a renovation can almost completely insulate the bathroom, there is no need to spend money on heating.

  • Water-saving fixtures: Look for toilets, taps and showers with a commitment to sustainable savings.

    It is important to take into account other aspects such as lighting, since, if LEDs are used, savings will be achieved as well as giving an extra touch of light for less.

    In addition, another aspect to take into account in order to save on light are the mirrors; if we manage to play with them, we will also be committed to sustainability.

Enhance bathroom design with tiles

One of the most important aspects of bathroom design is the tiles. These are the starting point for defining the entire bathroom, the colour of the furniture, decorations, towels, etc.

There are a multitude of designs for bathroom interiors:

  • Wood-effect tiles: They bring naturalness to the room, as well as being sustainable, organic and natural, they attract attention and are a trend.
  • Detailed tiles: If you manage to combine them, it is a safe bet, as it adapts to many styles, combined with a good light scheme and colours that do not stand out too much.
  • Slate: It is becoming more and more popular every year thanks to its elegance, naturalness and organic form. In addition to being reminiscent of stone by sight, it is also reminiscent of stone by touch.
  • V-pattern: This pattern is becoming more and more common in bathroom flooring, as it gives a sense of depth and is able to integrate with the design.
  • Marble: The tones provided by this material help enormously to improve the interior design of the bathroom, providing organic comfort due to the material and elegance due to the composition.
diseño interiores para baño

The colour to win in design

A wide range of colours can be found that are trendy in bathroom interior design, they can be the protagonist in the minimalist look, or second protagonist when the aforementioned tiles are taken into account.

Monochromatic bathroom design is gaining more and more followers, as it conveys elegance and is a sign of avant-gardism.

To achieve the benefits of playing with design it is important to consider aspects such as textures and scales.

  • Black: It is one of the cleanest and most elegant alternatives, with the possibility of making many combinations of styles and contrasts with many other colours.
  • White: They say that simplicity will always be in fashion, and even more so thanks to minimalism. This colour, like black, is key when it comes to combining, which is why it is another colour to consider.
  • Cool tones: This type of colour enhances the combination with warm materials such as wood or bamboo, so if we want our bathroom to look organic it can be a great alternative.


  1. You can make your bathroom look bigger.
  2. Sustainability is taken into account in the design.
  3. Tiles and colours are decisive.