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Concept AW was born in London in 2017, bringing together experience from Ireland, Spain, UK and France. This rich combined experience germinates to form a partnership, which we named Concept Architectural Workshop.

For us, Concept means the first step in creating an idea which is developed with you, our Client, trough honest dialogue, to become something bigger that responds to your needs.

We would like to share our ideas and aspirations with you, the Client.


First Step

Define the problem


Second Step

Brainstorm + Analyze


Third Step

Develop a solution

Adrian Kelly


AK Concept AW

Adrian has more than 18 years of professional experience in both Architectural Technology and Architecture gaining experience in Ireland, Paris, London & Spain.

He has wide-ranging exposure to large and complex design projects involving the remodelling or refurbishment of commercial & residential buildings. His understanding of envelope design and energy use within buildings allows him to call on sustainability solutions for the enhanced performance of a project as a whole.

Gaining experience working under Renzo Piano in Paris, Adrian established a keen interest is formulating design concepts that are true to the Clients vision and their associated brief, while making sure the vision is retained and reinforced through the design and construction stages.

In recent years Adrian has been Associate in charge at John Robertson Architect (Award winning London practice) leading a team in developing the award winning BCO (British Council of Office) office building ‘The Bureau’.

Adrian has a proven track record in delivery residential and commercial projects to great success in both London and Ireland with currently 8 live project currently ongoing in Spain. At the start of 2018, Adrian partnered with Angela forming a vibrant Architectural practice Titled ‘Concept Architectural Workshop’.


Angela Martinez Negrete


Born and raised in the south of Spain , Angela grew up in Jerez, a city rich in Culture, where she found her flare for Architecture.

Angela joined the School of Architecture, ETSA, in 2002 in Seville where she received a great technical and artistic education.

The practicality, love for the detail and technical rationality are the forefront of Angelas Architectural ethos.

Angelas experience germinates from both Spain and London, where she tested her technical abilities in High End Residential and Commercial projects in London, during her work with Gormley and JRA.

AMN Concept AW


Team member 01

Diego Rodriguez Arce - Technical Architect

Diego’s professional career of 23 years has allowed him to gain invaluable experience from across many project discipines. Diego worked as a project manager for several residential developers, building close to 350 homes with an approximate value of 14 million euros. In recent years Diego has taken on the role of onsite construction manager working for several construction companies overseeing the construction of 180 residential units, with an approximate value of 7 million euros.

Diegos vast experience with the construction finances is obtained from his experience as manager for a small construction company with an annual turnover of 2.5 million euros with a workforce of 50 people. Most noteworthy is that during Diegos vast experience, there were times where he had to manage all 3 roles, Architectural Technologist, Onsite Construction Manager & Construction Company Manager simultaneously and did so to great effect.

In recent years Diego has collaborated on a specific basis with several architects in the drafting of projects, while additionally carrying out, measurements of works and structure calculations.


... - Services Enginner

Industrial technical engineer with an Master in Occupational Risk Prevention, with more than 10 years experience in the drafting and calculation of engineering projects and facilities for all types of buildings, premises and industrial warehouses and their different uses (residential, public, commercial, hotels, sports centres, educational, hospital, administrative, etc).

The projects of installations carried out:
• Electricity: medium voltage (MT) and low voltage (BT).
• Plumbing (ACS and AFS) and sanitation.
• Air conditioning, ventilation and heating.
• Fire Protection (PCI).
• Gas.
• Renewable energy (thermosolar, aerothermal)
• Illumination
• Pools and fountains.


Agnieska Szedzianis


Dariusz Michalik